it was when you asked.

the day? clear, thankfully.

perhaps, with some cloudly skies when it’s getting late

as the birds chipped

then flew away.

do you remember?

i guess,


so, what do you want to know?


it’s fine here.

maybe a little burnt out

but flame needs rest too,

don’t you think?

it was when i asked.

glad knowing you’re fine.

guess it’s easy to come up with things

but it may not be the case

on prolonging the things.

did you hear that?

your favorite melody.

sleep tight, rest well

as you should take care of your body.


it was when i asked,

it was when you stopped asking.



im in the corner, watching it pours upon. it’s cold, it’s foggy. what do i see? what do i want to see? what did i see?

you were always seeking for shelter. a warm and a welcoming place, somewhere you can rest your head easy and relax your legs around.

the promise? i know, always! the only respond to “are you there?” that you taught me over the course of the last winter.

are you home? care, don’t get too excited and wander around aimlessly. i hope it doesn’t become a lonely night.

so… about the new roof you said. i guess, nothing ever lasts forever. enjoy your time!

but, it don’t make sense. it don’t add up.


…on my own, between the rain.



tawa canda yang mengiringi cerita tanpa jeda, seluruhnya tanpa melihat waktu tanpa tahu.

ketiadaan surya seketika tak lagi membuat sendu.

lantas tiada lagi hening yang membisukan,

kehadiran hangat yang bersinar lantang,

tanpa membeda tanpa memandang.

tidak, tidak.

tidak ada yang selamanya.

semakin dalam, semakin kelam.

perlahan tak kasat,

merangkak menjauh.

memijar, memudar.

yang lara, yang dilupa.

tidak, tidak.

tidak apa.


kembali saja?

terbawa sepi,

terlelap sunyi.

tidur, tidur.

‘tuk hati yang menanti.





semoga kaki senantiasa dikuatkan untuk berdiri dan melangkah lagi.